Executive Circles

Our Executive Circles Network consists of exclusive, highly selective think-tanks gathering the elite from the c-suite to share experiences, learn from best practices, and confront opinions on key business, management, digital and societal transformation challenges -and how c-suite leaders should respond to them.

Through a variety of formats -roundtables, luncheon debates, workshops, meetings of minds...- and thanks to the prestige and influence of our guests, the Executive Circles intend to deliver the most trustable platforms to meet, connect and share face-to-face with selected peers from the c-suite, and take benefit from the collective experience in the room.

C100 Executive Forum

A highly selected and exclusive community gathering a selection of the foremost leaders from the most significant and best performing corporations to share their respective stories, learn from each other's beliefs, and align visions in a true peer-to-peer environment.

CHRO G50 Forum

An annual forum bringing a country’s top 50 CHRO elite under one roof for an immersive leader-to-leader experience sharing.

CIO G50 Forum

An elite leadership faculty bringing the CIOs from a country’s 50 largest sites to examine the key trends that affect the IT landscape and CIOs' mandate

The CFO Executive Circle

A private community of CFOs from the 250 largest corporations to debate on finance transformation, risk management, investment strategies, working capital, etc.

The IT Executive Circle

The most exclusive and trusted think-tank for CIOs and senior IT managers from the 250 largest ICT sites to benchmark best practices in digital governance, technology adoption and business transformation.

The HR Executive Circle

The largest and most dynamic platform for CHROs and senior HR decision-makers to elevate strategic thinking on human capital management strategies, social innovation, talent sourcing, SWP, and social governance.

The CMO Executive Circle

A collaborative environment to meet and interact with the most renowned and inspiring CMOs around a series of themes including marketing transformation, demand generation, technology adoption and customer experience management.