Quality, relevancy and timeliness of content have always been the hallmark of The ARC Group since inception.

Through a series of carefully chosen points-of-research around the world, we permanently track the best practices, the most inspiring business cases and the emerging trends in general management, information technology, finance, marketing, human capital management, operations management, and entrepreneurship.

After analyzing their exposure and impact on real-world companies, we translate our research into relevant deliverables -publications, executive programs, think-tanks, workshops, forums…- for our executive circles. To ensure our deliverables are well aligned with the local reality, we systematically validate our research findings with our member councils and advisory boards before making them available to our members.

The objective of our research is to deliver top-level insights that are reliable, unbiased and immediately actionable for the c-suite.

Some of our most recent research programs adressed, among others: